Tropez Blazer

posted by on 2014.07.17 in Style File

Sleek, tailored to perfection, ruched sleeves and in this season’s hottest shades. Yes, that’s right; the blazer is that one staple item that every girl needs in her wardrobe, to complete any outfit and transform any look. Simply pair back and wear with ripped denim and a loose tee, or dress up with high waisted midi skirts and heels. The sky is the limit!


Shop our Tropez Blazer’s here:



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Twin Sets

posted by on 2014.07.16 in Style File

Matchy matchy separates are big news this season, with bloggers and celebs embracing the trend and setting their fashion example on the streets! Requiring minimal thought, matching separates come in a wide variety of styles – like graphic blazers and skirt sets, monochromatic jackets and trousers and crop tops and pencil skirts. Have fun and be bold!

Shop the trend here:


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