Sleeveless Roll Neck

posted by on 2015.08.06 in The Latest

It’s all about the sleeveless roll neck top! We think it’s the perfect transeasonal piece – a must have for your wardrobe, now. Taking you from day to night, pair back your sleeveless roll neck with your favourite denim, mini’s with an A-line hem or style as a layering piece under heavy long line jackets.


We have a few styles landing at Bardot this season. Shop the roll neck top, here:


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The Denim Shirt

posted by on 2015.08.03 in The Latest

For denim lovers who live in their jeans, steady yourself, as Bardot embraces two of the best staples in one – the denim shirt!


Style your denim shirt with your favourite white jeans or midi skirts, or tuck them into your sueded mini skirt or leatherette shorts.


For a truly fashion forward look, give double denim a try! The trick to styling double denim is to remember to mix different washes and densities to create a polished, modern look that will turn heads for all the right reasons.


Shop the Hemingway Denim Shirt here:


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The Denim Dress

posted by on 2015.07.27 in The Latest

The denim dress is making a well-earned fashion comeback.

With a nod to the 70’s inspired trend we all love, Bardot has launched the Chelsea Denim Dress. Woven to feel like a knit, the slim fit dress sits just above the knee, with a slight A-line hem, sure to be this season’s hottest piece! Offering the perfect amount of comfort and stretch, wear this dress with ease and style from anywhere to casual Friday or lunch with friends!


Shop the trend here:


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Gladiator Heels

posted by on 2015.07.22 in The Latest

If you need a heel as powerful as it is pretty, then get laced up with the hottest shoe trend to hit Bardot this season!


The gladiator heel makes a fashion statement, whether it’s featured on a bare leg below a suede mini, or peeking out from under a flowing midi.


Be brave. Embrace the glad.


Shop the Azalea Knee High here:


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posted by on 2015.07.20 in The Latest

Suede is one of the biggest fashion trends this season, making its debut on the international catwalks in early 2015.


Our investment ‘Hendric’ suede trench hit Bardot store late last week and is set to transform your winter wardrobe, instantly taking any outfit to the next level! Delicately crafted in navy blue suede, the long line silhouette softly drapes at the front, with a slight a line cut from the hip, for a versatile piece that can be worn from day to night. Throw your suede trench over denim, mini or midi skirts or just drape over your shoulders. The choice is yours to belt or leave open!


Shop the Hendric suede trench here:


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posted by on 2015.07.13 in Inspo

There is something to be said about breakfast. As far as we’re concerned, happiness is anything to do with a feast of pancakes, waffles, eggs on toast and… well, basically anything on toast!


Enjoy the yumminess! B X


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The Dior catwalk was transformed this week into a garden greenhouse, complete with a giant hand painted cube of blurry lilacs and greens, which shimmered in the light. The impressive set was the backdrop to Raf Simons’ designs of pretty dresses with intricate pleating over sheer organza’s, hand painted silks, neoprene coats and soft furs.


Enjoy our favourite shots from the show. B X


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Paris Fashion Week 2015: Chanel Fall Collection

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We are keeping a very close eye on all things Paris Fashion Week and can’t stop talking about the Chanel show!


Coco Chanel once said that ‘in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different’. Karl Lagerfeld has yet again shown that he lives by that mantra and has again demonstrated why he at the very top of the fashion world.


Delivering another lavish theatrical set like so many before them, the Chanel Fall 2015 runway show was Casino themed featuring Hollywood A-list actors Kristen Stewart, Rita Ora, Lily Depp and Julianne Moore showcasing both vintage Chanel jewellery in custom Chanel dresses (made just for them!) and playing the high rollers in a make-believe casino, with the runway show taking place around them.


Now to the clothes – there were dresses in tulle worn with tough biker jackets and a succession of the signature Chanel suit – reinvented – showcasing new silhouettes and new fabrications.


Here are a few of our favourite moments…



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