Paris Fashion Week Pt 1

posted by on 2014.09.30 in Inspo, Style File

The who’s who of the fashion world have been in Paris for a whirlwind week of fashion, fashion and more fashion! We will be summing up our fave shows later this week, but we just can’t resist showing you what went on in the front rows and on the streets.

Kim, Kanye and North all sat front row at Balenciaga, while our very own Christine Centenera turned heads for her own impeccable dress sense. We so envy her…



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posted by on 2014.09.29 in Inspo

Jumpsuits – they are super-hot, suit every shape and are coveted by celebrities the world over. They never go out of style; they just continue to reinvent themselves. We are loving the new colours and prints available this season – floral and rich, navy blues, but we just still can’t get enough of white and black. Pair back with slides for a cool, effortless daytime look and throw on some heels for the evening and you’re good to go!

Don’t forget to add chunky gold accessories, like cuffs and spike earrings for that updated, polished look we all love this season.



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