White Shoes

posted by on 2014.12.22 in Style File

We have an obsession at Bardot HQ – it has to do with white. In particular – white shoes. We don’t care if they are points, strappy or flats – we want them all! The perfect accoutrement to denim, skirts, dresses and shorts and as versatile as black, white shoes will just about go with everything. That’s what we think anyway…

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posted by on 2014.12.18 in Inspo

Introducing – the modern skivvy. A retake on the classic – the modern skivvy is higher, finer and lightweight, constructed with barely there fabric, without the bunching at the neck. We love wearing our skivvy’s with just about anything – tucking into skirts, wearing over jeans and shorts. We are also loving the skivvy dress – especially the sleeveless kind aka Kim Kardashian!


Shop our range of skivvy’s here: http://bit.ly/1gGaoV7




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