Stacked Style

posted by on 2015.03.02 in Inspo

Bringing you our March obsession – Fashion books, or what we like to call – our bibles. Stacked stylishly on tables, on the floor or on shelves, they are our go to for advice, inspo and endless ideas.







Style Muse – Kendall Jenner

posted by on 2015.02.26 in Style Muse

Kendall Jenner – the rising star who won over Karl Lagerfeld and won a coveted spot modelling for his shows during her first year on the runway. Featuring in Chanel’s latest ad campaign and featuring in all the top design houses runway shows, she is definitely a fashion force to be reckoned with!


So hot off the catwalk as well, her off duty model look is minimal, grungy and so on trend.


We have a new girl crush!


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